Basic Car Maintenance Tips


All of us dream of having a car of our very own – whether it’s a cool sports car or just a simple one. Owning a vehicle sounds great since it gives us so much joy, comfort and convenience. However, additional responsibilities also come with owning a car. All car owners need to know how to take good care of their vehicles, ranging from simple troubleshooting to basic maintenance.

If you own a car you should treat it like it was your partner or child. You should know how to maintain your car to keep it in good running condition at all time so that it will last for many years. The following are a few basic car maintenance tips for car owners to practice and follow.

1. Check the engine oil – The most important thing that you need to do is to check your engine oil level before you think about getting in your car and driving somewhere far away. The engine of your car is comprised of many different moving parts. They definitely need to have good lubrication in order to protect them from unnecessary wear and tear. There are two types of engine oil: there is the ordinary monograde kind and then there is a specially formulated one called multigrade which contains additives in to protect your car’s engine and allow it to go more miles before needing to have an oil change.

2. Check the engine coolant level – Before going on a trip, you should check the coolant level in order to prevent having a higher temperature problem which could result in your engine overheating. Whenever your car starts, engine combustion occurs. It can reach to a thousand degrees, particularly inside the combustion chamber where the engine coolant is. From the radiator, it goes through the coolant chamber, which is inside the engine, to help cool it down some. As it goes through the different water or coolant chambers, it returns to the radiator in order to complete the automotive cooling process. Ordinary tap water is used by some unit, but the best thing to do is use a coolant for protecting your engine. This is a mixture of specially formulated coolant and tap water. It is designed to protect your radiator from scale that might clog or damage your radiator.

3. Make sure that your tires and electrical system are in good working order. Your electrical system should be checked on a regular basis to ensure that all of the important lights such as the park light, signal light and head light are all functioning well. You should do that in order to avoid getting into a car accident and damaging your vehicle. Before going on a trip it is very important to check your tires as well. Bring a spare tire along to use in case you get a flat. This is especially important any time you are going a long distance from home.

You should follow these basic tips in order to ensure that your vehicle will last for a very long time and to help you avoid getting into accidents. If you follow these tips it will help to ensure that you get to enjoy all of the benefits you can receive from owning a well-maintained car.